20ss Rose Montee

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Color Khaki/Silver
Shape Round
Size ss20 (4.60-4.80 mm)
Item No A2200SS20KHAKI
Swarovski 2028 rhinestone set into a rose montee setting by another company (Swarovski does not make this size rose montee). Several colors available. A Rose Montee comes pre-mounted in a metal cup - with holes in it. Traditionally these were for sewing onto clothing, like wedding dresses, costumes, figure skating outfits and are popular with brides and drag queens alike. However - these days - some crazy innovative people have also been working them into bead weaving designs, bracelets and more! Foiled, pointed back Swarovski crystal rhinestones are prong set. Cup is metal - so do not use with Nymo or easily cut thread - use wire or beading wire/cable (i.e. Softflex) instead.

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