Creating Rhinestone Jewelry

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Crystal Jewelry Making

Store-bought jewelry always looks the same to you. The smallest pieces of jewelry can make the biggest statement about who you are. And you are unique. You are your own person. That's why you make your own jewelry.

We've gathered thousands of jewelry making components into one place to make it easy for you to stay inspired and focused on your craft. The sum of these possibilities could create millions of unique pieces!

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Our team loves to teach! We are constantly looking for new ways to show you how to create jewelry. This is our collection of videos, projects, and product tutorials so you can see how we do what we do. Take it, make it yours!

jewelry making how to

Learning the basics is an important first step! These videos will teach you the basics of working with jewelry and crystals.

new project tutorials

Ready to try something new? Follow along with these projects to make your own custom jewelry at home.

Dreamtime University

Dreamtime University is our library full of examples, new projects, and lessons to learn the craft of making anything sparkle!


We've seen so many different possibilities! Mix and match styles and components to make what you can only dream of! You'll find the pieces and resources you need to shop for jewelry making rhinestones, settings, and charms here.

Pointed Back Rhinestones
Stone In Settings
Pendant Rhinestones
Sew-on Rhinestones
Rhinestone Components
Tierracast Metal Castings
EZ Rhinestone Charms
Jewelry Blanks
Empty Cup Chains


An artist is only as good as her tools. We've collected some life-changing tools here that we use every day! You'll also need finishings like clasps, chains, and findings to put the finishing touches on your masterpiece.