Swarovski Flatback Rhinestones

Swarovski flatback rhinestones are the best quality rhinestones or crystals in the market.  They have been manufactured in Austria since 1895.  The most popular rhinestone is the 2088 Xirius Flatback Rhinestones which is an upgraded version of the 2058 stone.  The 2088 crystals are called "Xirius" after the brightest star in the galaxy.  The new cut features 16 facets bringing it one step closer to the diamond.

The Xirius Swarovski 2088 cut is only available in ss12 - ss48 sizes, while the 2058 is available in sizes ss5 - ss10 and the 2000 is available in ss3 and ss4.  There are over 100 colors in each size giving you endless design possibilities.  There are lot's of different shapes, some of the most popular being the 2304 Raindrop Flat Back, the 2602 Emerald Cut Flat Back and the 2771 Kite Flatback.

These lead-free rhinestones or crystals are usually applied with glue (adhesive) using a tool like a Crystal Katana and other helpful tools like the Crystal Pro Glue Kit.  They can also be applied with tiffany settings or rim settings, this method is very popular in country or western applications.  They are used extensively in dance, skating, cheer, nails, accessories and clothing.   If you are having trouble deciding which color or size is best you can always purchase a color chart that has the actual crystals on it to use for all your purchasing needs.   We keep a huge inventory in stock and ready to ship so that you can receive your crystals as quickly as possible!