Swarovski 2058/2088 Flat Back Rhinestones - Swarovski Shimmer

A Dancer's Dream Come True

Shimmer effect adds more brilliance, color vibrancy and unique light refractions to your dance costumes. Softer, more elegant shimmer that radiates 3 shades of a single color.

Shimmer effect is available in 20 beautiful colors and 7 different sizes.


Lt. Sapphire Shimmer

Black Diamond Shimmer

Blue Zircon Shimmer

Peridot Shimmer

Erinite Shimmer

Silk Shimmer

Lt. Siam Shimmer

Hyacinth Shimmer

Siam Shimmer

Fuchsia Shimmer

Cobalt Shimmer

Tangerine Shimmer

Citrine Shimmer

Lt. Colorado Topaz Shimmer

Topaz Shimmer


Light Topaz Shimmer

White Opal Shimmer

Light Rose Shimmer

Tanzanite Shimmer