Swarovski Rose Pins 53301 ss10 Jonquil

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Article No 53301
Color Jonquil
Shape Round
Size ss10 (2.70-2.90 mm)
Type Regular Leg
Item No A53301SS10JONQUIL
UPC 9007811028118
Another innovative product by Swarovski! Rose pins are perfect for those wanting stones permanently attached without having to buy rim sets or tiffany sets and stones separately. These Swarovski 2028 crystals are attached with adhesive to a nailhead pronged setting. You can push them through lighter weight textiles and fold the prongs over with a screwdriver, or you can set them with a machine. We are still testing them with the home pro, and are working on dies to make the current home pro work with these articles. You should be able to set them with the home pro currently, but we only had a few pieces to test and we crushed them, but if you're careful it would work. We do have the dies from Swarovski to work with the fly press to set them.

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