Swarovski 1122 Rivoli Round Stone Crystal Flamingo Ignite 14mm

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Article No 1122
Color Flamingo
Shape Round
Size 14 mm

This beautiful Lacquer Pro color from Swarovski is created not by tinting the crystal but instead by using a unique colored foil that radiates through the clear crystal. This gives a different look compared to traditionally colored crystals. These wonderfully faceted rhinestones have 16 facets front and back and come to a point in the center of the rhinestone, looks like a spaceship. There are no drilled holes or flat surface areas on this Swarovski 1122 Rivoli Rhinestones. One of the most "sparkly" rhinestones on the market! Swarovski 1122 Rivoli Round Stone shown here is Crystal Flamingo Ignite, 14mm.

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