Swarovski 1400 Dome Round Stone

A time to experiment and be bold with color and shape application, this product aesthetic has digital in mind and history at its core.  A glamourous chameleon effect emerges in this delightful Swarovski 1400 Round Dome Stone, reflecting a desire to showcase your individuality and creative sides.  The elevated contemporary silhouette offers a new quirky edge to any collection.  Optimistic, theatrical and bold, the look heralds an era of over-the-top individualism, where excessive eccentricity is key in dramatic execution.

Suitable for setting, gluing and Ceralun.  

Featuring 90 facets, but no table, this is a very unique stone.  Gem-inspired colors and vintage-looking effects like Paradise Shine, AB, Golden Shadow and Bermuda Blue.  Create new, but vintage looks.