Swarovski 4120 Oval Fancy Stone

The Swarovski 4120 Oval Fancy Stone offers a classic shape together with a precise faceting pattern creating a stunning brilliance in a small stone. It features a cushion back (faceted) not flatback.  Adding a shiny backing is called foiling. The foil reflects light back out of the stone towards the observer. This makes the stone appear even more brilliant. Most of our stones are foiled unless stated as unfoiled and some opaque stones and the laquer pro series are not foiled. If the stone is opaque, like jet, you can't see through to the foil, so the foil would not change the appearance of the stone.

The application possibilities are varied: glue it onto flat surfaces and into adapted cavities, use it in an epoxy clay such as ceralun or place it in a sew-on or soldering setting. The Oval Fancy Stone is a wonderful addition to jewelry pieces and with the help of the sew-on settings, it can also be used in clothing and accessories to create all kinds of new possibilities.

A full factory package of Swarovski 4120 8x6 crystals consists of 180 pieces which is considered to be buying in bulk.  You can also purchase these wonderful stones in several other quantities.  Swarovski 4120 Oval Fancy stones are created with Advanced Crystal and are lead-free.

Shop our line of Swarovski 4120 Oval Fancy stones knowing that we have a huge selection in stock ready to ship, and we will match or beat any competitor's price.  You can request a price match if you find a lower price, for more information please read our Price Match Guarantee.