Swarovski 4753 Edelweiss Fancy Stone

The Edelweiss Fancy Stone commemorates Swarovski's Tyrolean heritage and comes as part of a product family

 that skillfully reinterprets the company's original logo. As the first full-crystal, 3D design featuring the alpine flower, 

the Edelweiss crystals' complex cut with precise facets and rounded petals create the most realistic crystal

 interpretation of the edelweiss that has ever been made. With its rugged beauty, the romantic Edelweiss Fancy 

Stone has a vintage floral appeal that is in step with the trend towards folkloristic traditions. Use the innovative 

shape to add an urban, modern-day twist to heritage looks, or make it a centerpiece in romantic designs. The 

Edelweiss Fancy Stone is also available with partly frosted facets.