Swarovski 4925 Kaputt Baguette Fancy Stone

The Kaputt Baguette Fancy Stone (No Logo) is part of the Kaputt Collection which was inspired by design legend Jean Paul Gaultier, who designed the extraordinary collection exclusively for Swarovski. The whole world might strive for perfection, but Kaputt (German for "broken") celebrates the value of imperfection and the attractiveness behind variety and unpredictability. The Kaputt Baguette Fancy Stone (No Logo) is available in classic as well as sparkling metallic colors and features a laser engraving of the well-known Jean Paul Gaultier logo. In a world that aims for flawlessness, Kaputt shifts the focus to the appeal of natural and more asymmetrical surfaces for a straightforward rock-chic style that is perfectly on-trend.