Swarovski 2774, 2775, 2776 & 2777 Geometric Hotfix Flat Backs

Younger consumers increasingly seek connection in a world of growing isolation and digitalization. Proclaiming their identities through their style and wearing their viewpoints on their attire, rebellion and activism are conveyed in design concepts with a toughened-up feel. Geometric Flat Backs are an incredible on-trend answer to the #toughlove aesthetic favored by this new consumer. With the ability to meld and create individual patterns and dimensions, the need to reconnect, re-integrate and work together is highlighted in the simple radiance of the product and its versatile execution. With hardware predicted to have a strong presence in all segments, Geometric Flat Backs are destined to shine. 

Can be easily applied using a standard heat press. ? Depending on the article’s size, use Hotfix parameters for Creation Stones (stone size: max. 8mm) or Creation Stones Plus (stone size bigger than 8mm). ? Creation Stones Plus are not suitable for application from the front. ? Use application aids such as Teflon® foil (art. 9010/003), pressing cloth, and height compensation such as a silicone ironing pad/foam (art. 9010/002). 

Care instructions, depending on the article’s size: 

For Creation Stones (stone size max. 8mm): Machine washable at 60 °C. Turn the fabric inside out, choose a gentle wash cycle, and use mild laundry detergent. Do not use chlorine bleach. Turn inside out and dry at a reduced temperature. Iron the garment with the applied Flat Backs inside out using a silk/polyester/viscose setting. P+F+W cleaning possible. 

For Creation Stones Plus (stone size bigger than 8mm): Due to the size of these articles, handwashing is recommended at max. temp. 30 ºC. Turn the fabric inside out and use mild laundry detergent. Do not use chlorine bleach. Do not tumble dry. Do not iron. P+F+W cleaning possible. 

This Swarovski Geometric Hotfix Flat Backs 2774, 2775, 2776 and 2777 addition to the assortment is a reinterpretation of existing geometric shapes, offering a great array of design possibilities for easy creative freedom in DIY. ? Mix and match with the existing assortment to create new patterns and looks for DIY projects.