Swarovski 2364 Paisley Flat Backs X

Swarovski 2364 Paisley Flat Backs X gives you the opportunity to create stunning new symmetrical or asymmetrical patterns of dazzling accents on your projects.  This organic drop shape features a mirrored version, so you can create a pattern with the X and Y together.  You can think of them as the Yin and Yang of Swarovski Crystals, what a great concept!  Yin and Yang or Swarovski 2364 X and Swarovski 2365 Y can be thought of as complementary forces that interact to form a whole new level of sparkle!    

These Paisley flatbacks in both 2364X and 2365Y can be applied with adhesives to textiles or other things such as metal, glass, etc with our line of adhesives and they are also available in hotfix.  They could also be very interesting as nail art, use our gels or glues to apply them with.  All sizes of 6x3.7mm, 10x6mm and 14x8.5 mm will be easy to pick up and place with the Crystal Katana, Tanto or Jeweler's Wax Stick.  For more gluing tips, please consult the gluing section of the Swarovski application manual.

These crystals will be popular across many industries such as bridal and wedding, costumes, nail art, dancesport, skating, gymnastics, cheer, and equestrian show clothing.  There will be no limit of possibilities with the Swarovski 2364 Paisley Flat Backs.

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