Swarovski 2774, 2776, 2776 & 2777 Geometric Flat Backs

Younger consumers increasingly seek connection in a world of growing isolation and digitalization. Proclaiming their identities through their style and wearing their viewpoints on their attire, rebellion and activism are conveyed in design concepts with a toughened-up feel. Geometric Flat Backs are an incredible on-trend answer to the #toughlove aesthetic favored by this new consumer. With the ability to meld and create individual patterns and dimensions, the need to reconnect, re-integrate and work together is highlighted in the simple radiance of the product and its versatile execution. With hardware predicted to have a strong presence in all segments, Geometric Flat Backs are destined to shine. 

These are an awesome addition to the crystals we can use on nails and dance that match up.  Meaning, the edges of these stones match the sizing on the edges of all the geometric stones (size-wise) so you can match the edges up of a 2771 Kite crystal to a 2775 Concise Pentagon crystal and create an unlimited amount of designs with the now 7 different shapes available.

Geometric Flat Backs are a bestseller because of their classic and simple shape/cuts.  These new shapes are designed specifically to match the side length of the existing assortment, which means they are an optimal extension of the existing shapes.